19 Nov 2013

Two Photos. Two Freds. Too Cool!

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AemmerDadSonFred Aemmer, Jr. recently sent us the two photos you see above. Both photos show an array of pumpkins, gourds and the heads of two different Freds, along the top of a wall.

The original photo (top) was taken by Fred Aemmer, Sr. in the mid 1980’s.

The recreated photo (bottom), was taken by his son, Fred Aemmer, Jr. in October, 2013 – 28 years later.

It looks like both of these Freds share one thing in common, a great sense of humor. Plus, you’ve got to love the attention to detail that Fred Jr. put into the recreation photo, right down to a hint of a hand on the wall to the exacting pumpkin caricatures.

Thanks for sending the fun photos Fred!!

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